Teqhou's Hardware Support

Teqhou offer a truly unique CRM and NAV facility that is ‘out of the box’ and ready to use, for ticketing to sports clubs, large events and similar. Using software from our own in-house developers we are able to completely custom-build the solution to your event or location. Teqhou Ticketing expands on any web-shop functionality, allowing for the sale of tickets through a CRM facility. Seats, boxes or stands are easy to set up, and the stock of seats for each individual event is generated and managed by the system itself. Customers are provided with an easy to use graphical map of the event location’s layout, where they can zoom down and select the exact seat/area they want – including those buying season or subscription tickets. Customers are also provided with, if applicable, a record of history, previous purchases, future purchase opportunities and event data, all in one place, using an online account facility.