MiraclePay for Dynamics AX

Miracle Dynamics is HMRC recognised (this link will take you to the HMRC web site where you can view other HMRC recognised products). It is fully UK compliant payroll software, written and supported by a skilled UK team. Our HQ is in the UK, as are most of our clients, which ensures we know what is needed by UK employers to maintain and run an operational payroll. Miracle Dynamics for AX enables business to streamline the payroll processes, resulting in an error free-payroll, reducing costs of corrective activity, removing, with the aid of interfaced T&A, the need to manually enter timesheets, and at all times being fully compliant with UK legislation. Miracle Dynamics for AX is an end-to-end solution that handles time entry, different payroll cycles, all leave types, pensions, including enrollment, all benefits and deduction types, pay slip printing as well as an easy to read and understand tracker of what steps are needed next to complete your Payroll. The Miracle Dynamics AX module fits seamlessly with all current Dynamics platforms (AX2009 & AX2012) with a clear road map for tri-annual releases based on feedback and client requests. Our product is currently used to pay 47,000 people across the UK, and uses, where required, the core Dynamics HR, Project, general ledger and accounts payable functionality. In the new Dynamics release, a pre-defined page for Payroll managers and payroll staff will be provided, all part of the Miracle package. To support our first class package we have a first class support desk, manned by specialised payroll staff who are conversant with latest payroll legislation, some have actually run payroll teams and departments in previous lives before joining the Miracle family.