a The Team

Meet the team

The below snap shots, together with a few lines of info about them, is Teqhou. It this faceless world of business we find its really good to know who you are talking to. On all of our projects we will provide the full bio of the team members involved.

Project Management and Consultants:


Operations, development and change management are what make Tetiana tick, She is the firm hand that allows us to consistently deliver our projects. Likes gardening, hates Michael’s diary organisation!


Operational experience, Sales title and a confused look. Michael provides the bridge between customer requirements and operational projects and all with easy to understand pricing and words. Likes flying, hates gardens.


Ruslan is our programme manager who travels across the world, he runs, cycles and can also kick higher than a mule, but only when training at his martial arts! His business skills are as a Programme Manager and he heads up delivery of majority of the projects on customer sites whenever the requirement arises.


Becky is one of our ladies on site, you will meet her on most of the CRM, attendance and Rostering projects that you take with Teqhou. Her experience in process changes and end users training reaches across industry sectors such as Retail, petroleum (she is PIA rated) and bespoke car construction. She travels far and wide, all the time with her trusty ‘Unicorn’.




Alex D


All our architects are fully trained and experienced in various Microsoft platforms including many versions of Dynamics AX and CRM. We are able to provide insight into general problems, installation issues and ongoing updates to your system. All of Teqhou’s architects are English speaking.

Quality and Support team:






The lady that knows payroll. Specialising in UK payroll and structured testing Anastasia plays an important part in new functionality development and translation of UK payroll legislation into AX functionality. Fluent Ukrainian, English and of course payroll.


Jie Yu Zhang

Jie Yu works in software deployment team and specialises in the creation of release note and deployment process design. Fluent in Traditional and Modern Chinese as well as English

Sasha S

The Coding Team:




The Coding Team

We don’t always like to show off our genius’ however they are always squirreling away in the background creating fixes to existing products, new products and fixing customer issues. They like to remain anonymous but sometimes we can track them down for a phone call or two (on a burner phone of course)

Acounting Team:


Jackie heads up our accounts section, as we as perform as our liaison between our licencing partners and of course Microsoft. If you deal with Teqhou in any shape of form you will have engaged with Jackie at some point Isobel, In the middle of each year the name Isobel resonates throughout the offices as we prepare for yet another year end. Michael especially loves this time of year as he gets reminded to hand in all expenses



Acounting Team

Here are the nice people that occasionally pay us so we can eat. We like them. The accounting team run our HR and accounts department and also give insight and guidance on accountancy projects run by the rest of the team.

The Tech Boffins:


Jim: Has worked in IT since the advent of PCs! (1981) He can actually remember the IBM XT & AT! Evidently, experience is his strong point, followed by dogged determination and persistence!


Declan is the man with many skills, talking being his main one! He is the guy who keeps everyone updated on what Taylor swift is up to, and is always the first one to get his hands on the new gadgets.


Brendan is the man in the shadows, he is a mystery that comes in and fixes things when everyone is sound asleep, we are still unsure what he looks like.

The Tech Boffins:

Our go-to guys for anything tech related, from ‘please plug this in properly so I don’t electrocute myself’ to ‘our servers need updating’ – our tech team have a wide range of expertise and experience that can help in any situation.