Thinking about your Dynamics Nav Partner?

Changing your Dynamics partner to Teqhou

If you are unhappy with your Microsoft Dynamics Nav partner relationship it is always a best to try to mend the relationship before seeking a change. However, sometimes divorce is inevitable if it is in the best interests of your business.


Request a “Change of VAR” form from Teqhou

We will send you a PDF to print, fill out and send back to Teqhou. We will then submit it to Microsoft for processing. No matter what you choose, when the request is processed, Teqhou will receive an email from Microsoft confirming the change. This allows us to see all of your system details including registration keys, protected list price, number of users, modules, contacts, etc. Your old partner will also receive a short email from Microsoft that informs them that you have officially switched partners. (They will not be told the name of the new partner. But if you have followed our advice, this email will not come as a surprise to your old partner.)

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.