Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects can fail to deliver for a variety of reasons. Poor outcomes often arise because partners do not have the right team, lacking necessary experience to manage the project or because the initial budget was set too low. These projects can always be recovered with the help of a competent partner who is open and up-front about the potential costs and knows how to ask the right questions and involve the right people to get the project back on track while address any outstanding issues.

How has your project failed?

Enterprise-class business management systems are never ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formally Microsoft Dynamics AX) projects may fail for a number of reasons, including:

  • The partner may not have understood the complexity of the business when bidding for the project, as a result had not budgeted enough money to finish the job to the right standard
  • Upon starting the project, the partner moves in a junior or less experienced project team
  • Rushing certain parts of the design without fully understanding the complexity of the business functions. Missed requirements may cause a complete redesign that could be costly.
  • Vague documentation with unclear deliverables and prices
  • Badly organised or executed data migration
  • Lack of control reports and reports in general
  • Time and materials work exceeding budget estimates without warning

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What’s different about Teqhou’s Project Recovery?

  • We offer a full project audit to highlight issues
  • We create a tailor-made plan for your project
  • We retain whatever we can and create a plan to move forward
  • We try to give you the honest and unvarnished truth about the project issues

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Our Support Desk

To support our first class solution we have a first class support desk team comprised of specialised staff who have extensive knowledge of running automatic AP systems.

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